What is the METEOR tool?
- A simple web-based software tool
- Available globally
- Free of charge

For which physicians is METEOR useful?
METEOR meets specifically the needs of clinicians monitoring and treating patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
It is designed by rheumatologists for ease of use and clinical accuracy.

How can I get METEOR?
You will receive a METEOR account if you: 
·       Appoint a METEOR administrator in your hospital
·       Send an email to
info@meteorfoundation.com  with
·       The exact name of the hospital, the address and telephone number
·       The name and email address of the administrator

What if I already use a patient registration system?
If you already have a patient registration system in which you can satisfactorily monitor rheumatoid arthritis patients, you might want to avoid a double entry burden. You can still contribute to the METEOR research database by uploading data from existing registries/patient registration systems. For more information, please look at the Research Database page.

Is Helpdesk support available?
Yes, you can mail your question to: helpdesk@meteorfoundation.com and you will receive support during office hours from Sytske Anne Bergstra or Thomas Donker.

Do you have a brochure?
Yes, you can read the brochure here

Which protection steps for METEOR data have been taken?
We acknowledge the importance of security and confidentiality.
To safeguard transfer of patient data the following measures have been taken:  

·       SSL certificate, which means a secure website
·       Norton secured seal
·       password protection
·       encryption key for patient identifying data

What is an encryption key?

Every hospital sets its own encryption key to ensure that data identifying a patient – such as name and date of birth – can only be seen by the doctors treating that patient. This encryption key remains in the hospital and is never transmitted and is not known by the METEOR helpdesk. Patients cannot be identified from data in METEOR without that key.

What about intellectual property?

Every participating hospital owns its own data and can at any time download and use these data for research purposes.

Can someone else see my data?
No, confidentiality is ensured in the available benchmark reports with other participating sites worldwide. It is only possible to
compare data within the country of residence or within the entire METEOR database. Data can only be used for research
purposes after your permission to use the data.

What is the address of METEOR?
METEOR, P.O. Box 9600, 2300 RC Leiden, The Netherlands
Telephone Sytske Anne Bergstra: +31 71 526 1425
Telephone Thomas Donker: +31 71 526 7824 








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